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Rishi Ved Vyas

Vyasa is a central and revered figure in most Hindu traditions. He is also sometimes called Veda Vyasa (veda-vyasa ” the one who classified the Vedas “) , or Krishna Dvaipayana (referring to his complexion and birthplace). He is generally considered the author of the Mahabharata, as well as a character in it, and the […]

Rishi Bharadwaja

Bharadwaja, also referred to as Bharadvaja was one of the revered Vedic sages (rishi) in Ancient India, who was a renowned scholar, economist and an eminent physician. His contributions to the ancient Indian literature, mainly in Puranas and Rig Veda, played a significant role in giving an insight to the then Indian society. He and […]

Rishi Baudhayana

It was historical Indians specialised mathematicians who found Pythagoras theorem. This might come as a shock to many, but it’s real that Pythagoras theorem was known much before Pythagoras and it was Indians who actually found it at least 1000 decades before Pythagoras was born! Baudhayana It was Baudhayana who found the Pythagoras theorem. Baudhayana […]