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Each sign has special characteristics that mark and distinguish it from others. In setting up this astrological map for the birth of a native we divide the circle into twelve sections. These areas are called houses. Each house defines a SPECIFIC AREA. The first house concerns the native’s personal identity. The second house deals with the native’s earning power or source of supply. The third house concerns the native’s thoughts or sense of communication, etc.

The horoscope map, in addition to house areas and spatial designates called signs, also contains a third symbol, the planets, including the Sun and Moon. While the houses of the horoscope identify areas of experience and the signs set the stage under which these areas of experience will operate, the planets act as symbols of force or the focus of attention bringing the other two elements together.

How Horoscope Works

First of all, the time of birth, generally referred to as clock time, should be exact as possible. Only small allowance on time is possible because every four minutes of clock time accounts for one degree of movement by the earth around the zodiac. Any appreciable error is going to throw the house divisions off and place planets in the wrong houses.

The houses are always shown in order. The cusp (beginning) of the first house (also known as the ascendant (AC) is the left-hand horizon. The tenth house cusp (also known as the meridian (MC) is always at the top, although it may not actually be at right angles (exactly 90 degree?) to the horizon (AC) on the left. Everything in the horoscope is placed by measurement in degrees of the zodiac. The zodiac is the BELT OF SPACE surrounding the earth. It is hypothetically divided into twelve equal segments of 30 degree each called SIGNS. Once we have identified the area for each house division, we can then insert the planets into the horoscope BY HOUSE according to their own measurements by sign and degree. The planets’ positions are calculated for each day at noon zero degrees Greenwich.

Houses of the Horoscope…

Any planet in a house immediately signifies that the person will have some conscious concern in that area of experience. This may be either pleasant or difficult, depending on other considerations. Two or more planets in the house naturally give even more concern to the native over the affairs of that house. Through the chain of command?signs, planets and ruler ships ? one is able to determine the areas of experience that will occupy the native most and where the greatest concentration of force should ultimately be directed.

As an initial step in learning astrology you are advised to concentrate first on the meaning of the houses. When you know what affairs a house contains, you should also realize what affairs it does not include.